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Radon Measurement Training

South Dakota Radon Measurement Training Information

Radon Measurement Training Course

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Approved for 16 hours of South Dakota home inspector continuing education credits!

Delivery Method: Online / CD-ROM

Radon Measurement Certification
If you don't currently offer radon testing, you may be missing out on an important source of revenue. By offering radon testing to your clients you can increase your overall income and revenue, and perhaps even expand your existing home inspection or other business. It is not difficult or overly time-consuming to master radon measurement, but it does require training and certification. Home inspectors that are certified to test for radon can typically command an additional $150 to perform a radon measurement test. Radon findings reports are included in the cost of an inspection and provided to the client, and the extra incremental revenue can add significantly to your bottom line and the profitability of your business.

PHII is proud to have the only radon measurement training course that comes with custom-designed radon report forms included for you to use when writing your findings in reports for your clients.

Our radon measurement certification course, which is conveniently available both online and on CD-ROM, covers the proper techniques and methods for measuring and reporting radon concentrations in buildings. The course contains all-inclusive information that will make you familiar with the fundamental aspects of radon, the hazards of human exposure to radon gas, and the ways and areas that radon enters buildings. You will be taught how to accurately use inexpensive testing equipment to record precise results for your clients.

In almost all cases and situations, is is recommended that radon inspectors join a national society of radon professionals, such as the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) or the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP). PHII gladly provides assistance to our graduates with coordinating and scheduling NRSB or NRPP entrance exams. 

Like our other courses, PHII leads the field in providing advanced course features. Just some of these features include: 

  • Computerized flashcards 
  • Computerized testing with instantaneous quiz results 
  • Embedded video clips 
  • Instant online course access 
  • Certificate
  • Radon Inspection Forms & Mitigation Systems Checklist - FREE BONUS
  • Toll free support.
Also included are the EPA Citizen's Guide to Radon, the EPA Homebuyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon, and the EPA Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction. Because EPA printed versions of these publications are no longer available, these documents are provided in e-document format.

This course meets radon measurement training requirements for both the NRPP and NRSB.

PHII's Radon Measurement Course has been approved by the National Radon Safety Board for training requirements to join the organization. In some states, a membership to either NRSB or NRPP is required in order to perform radon inspections. Additionally, this course has also been approved for Radon Measurement training by the NRPP.

What You Will Master:

  • Understanding what radon is and how it affects humans
  • The National Standards for radon measurement
  • Common terminology used in the radon industry
  • The tools of the trade and radon testing equipment
  • Where radon comes from and what levels are hazardous
  • Understanding radon measurements and how to perfom tests
  • Performing an inspection and writing a radon inspection report
  • Steps for reducing radon levels in homes
  • Filling out a radon mitigation system checklist
And much more!

Package Includes:

  • Course CD-ROM
  • Tracking via the Internet 
  • Online Course Access 
  • Computerized Flashcards & Testing 
  • Certificate 
  • Toll Free Support 
  • E-document: EPA Citizen's Guide to Radon 
  • E-document: EPA Homebuyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon
  • E-document: EPA Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction 
  • FREE BONUS - Radon Inspection Forms, Mitigation Systems Checklist, and Non-interference Radon Test Agreement.

NRSB Approved Radon Course
NRSB - National Radon Safety Board approved!The Radon Course has been approved by the National Radon Safety Board (a requirement in some states).
     NRPP Approved Radon Course
NRPP - National Radon Proficiency Program Approved!The Radon Course has been approved by the National Radon Proficiency Program (a requirement in some states).

There are no requirements for radon inspection in the state of South Dakota. However, the State does maintain a list of certified radon professionals. The South Dakota Radon Program endorses Radon Measurement Professionals who are certified through the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) or National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).

The PHII Radon Measurement Course has been approved by both the NRSB and NRPP for initial certification. If you are interested in expanding your business to do radon testing, you can begin by taking the PHII Radon Measurement course. When you have completed the course, you will receive information on how to register for the NRPP or NRSB exam. Both organizations require that you complete an approved course, pass their certification exam, and maintain your certification with continuing education.

Note: The NRSB has also approved PHII's Radon Measurement Course for 16 Hours of Continuing Education.

State Contact Information:
Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources
Phone: 1-800-438-3367

South Dakota Radon Measurement Training Course Approval

South Dakota does not require a separate license for radon inspection. Consumer are encouraged to select radon professionals who are certified by National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) and National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).

Radon Measurement Training Course Approval

The Radon Measurement Certification course has been approved for 16 hours of continuing education credit in South Dakota. To remain on active status, the licensed/registered home inspector must complete 24 hours of approved continuing education by December 31st of the year the license/registration expires. Home Inspection Licenses need to be renewed every 2 years.  Course Number: 3272E1614

Continuing Education Approvals

Radon Measurement Training can be used for continuing education credits in Tennessee, South Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Connecticut, Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, New Hampshire, West & Virginia

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Radon Measurement Training $249.00